Welcome!  We are excited to meet you. 

verheul office

During your visit with us, we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed.  Our initial consultation includes a thorough oral exam, a full mouth set of x-rays and digital photos of your teeth.  The doctors use all of this information to create an individualized treatment plan fitting to your specific needs.

Drs. Verheul and Covello and their team will walk you through the entire process. They will explain the treatment needs, using the photos and x-rays as a guide.  Each treatment plan is individualized to create your best smile. We use the finest materials and most cutting edge technology to provide you with the best experience and best outcome. We encourage questions and want to ensure you feel confident in the proposed treatment.

We will discuss financial and insurance considerations so you will know the exact financial details.  Working together we will find down payment and payment plans that work in your budget.  We don't believe in hidden or additional costs, so you will have the entire picture at your consultation.

Make sure you bring your complete patient information sheet to your consultation, as this will save time during your appointment.  Also, providing us your insurance information in advance (over the phone) will ensure we can have all the financial information ready for you.

Thanks for choosing us, We know you will love it here!